A Creative start of 2014

Hi all! We've got lots to update you guys on, and we've been bad bloggers lately! Let's try to make up for it now...

The start of 2014 was filled with several creative projects for CinaMon. We already created five Custom Made CinaMon requests! We made three different covers for pet passports made from old calenders that were donated to us. These are the results:

We also got our very first international Custom Made CinaMon request: a handmade upcycled shouldbag, made from jeans fabric, a ripped piece of bedding and a piece of blanket (also donated) as lining.

Another project was a Custom Made CinaMon request for a (human) passport cover with the theme of her adorable cat, Balou. We got some beautiful pictures of Balou, alongside the request to incorporate candy, pink and flowers into the cover. What do you guys think, did it work out?

Our latest finished order is a drawstring bag. It's going to be used to store parts of a board game. Requested by a man there was no need for candy and pink in this pouch!

Right now we're working on another special Custom Made CinaMon request for a great friend of ours: a holiday-laundry-bag. We never heard of it, but it's a great idea! One bag for clean underwear, and one part for the ones that need to be washed. She found a picture of it on Pinterest. Curious about the result? Just keep an eye on our blog! 

Voorbeeld waszak