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We are constantly working on fun, new CinaMon projects. But my own bag was a little (big) disgrace... This really couldn't be any longer! Time to make a handy shoulder bag for personal use. With an adjustable shoulder strap, extra pockets inside and out, and a zipper. Made from my old shoulder bag, an old dress, guy's shirt and a scarf: upcycling to the max! Our next project: a cool bag for Cin. I'm curious to know what you think of my new bag. 

Regards, Monique

Collage shoudertas upcycled materials 

Collage stripped for parts

Latest CinaMon Project

It's summer! And we are loving it! Long evenings outside, that wonderful vacation feeling and most of all - sun, sun, sun! Enjoy it as long as it lasts, the winter will be long and cold..

CinaMon took it easy, but we still worked quietly on some new projects. Here you find some pics of our latest project - a handbag (AKA clutch) for a dear friend, made from clothes donated to CinaMon from this very same person. Soon there will be more, including a updated CinaMon website and some fresh new CinaMon products.

So..for whom is this brand new handbag created by CinaMon? Who recognizes the fabric and those lovely beads? 


DSC 0796 


CinaMon @ Viva Las Vega's


The Viva Las Vega's Food Festival last Saturday was a great succes! Lots of visitors, a good vibe and even a little sunshine. We've also sold some CinaMon items, fun fun fun! Closet to Closet, thanks again!

Viva Las Vegas 2013 - 1   Viva Las Vegas 2013 - 2


Good news! Coming Saturday Monique will represent CinaMon at the Viva Las Vega's Food Festival 2013! She can be found at the stand of Closet to Closet (thank you guys for letting us share the space..). Admission to the festival is FREE, with the exception of films and workshops. More information on the festival can be found here:


The festival will start at 11:00 and end at 21:00. CinaMon will be present in the beginning of the festival, so if you want to catch them - don't be late! The location of the festival is: 

Timorplein 62, 1094 CC Amsterdam

Thanks to Closet to Closet we have the opportunity to show off our very first CinaMon Creaties at this great event!

Closet to Closet is a wonderful and unique initiative that gives you the opportunity to sell your clothes on their market; clothes and accesoiries that still look great but are no longer exciting for you could make somebody else extremely happy. And like this you can shop for an affordable price or swap your clothes for something new. Like this we're not throwing away things - which is good for the environment, but also for our wallets! 

It would be great if you would come over for a visit on Saturday to see Closet to Closet and CinaMon!

Viva Las Vega




















Our first 'Custom Made CinaMon' project

Last week we received, made and mailed our our first 'Custom Made CinaMon' project! The request was a passport cover with the theme of dolphins. We got a personal picture to use in the design, but other than that we had creative freedom. That's what we like! Here's the result. We hope the birthday girl will enjoy her new CinaMon created passport cover. 

CC-3        CC-2   CC-1















We're Back!

You didn't hear from us for a while, but we back! We had a few weeks of sun and fun in Japan and Thailand and are now completely charged and excited to get back to work. We have renewed energy and a lot of inspiration from Asia - new ideas for beautiful bags, original passport covers and a lot of other fun homemade present items.. In other words - we can't wait to get started!!

So keep an eye on the CinaMon website, cause there will be new CinaMon Creations arriving soon!