More Passport Cover Fun!

Okay, so we promised in our last post to share some more pictures of the newest Cinamon Creations - the passport covers, so here they are! We even made some more of them, and they turned out pretty cool actually – if we say so ourselves. Every single one is unique in style, material and design and we had a great time making them. We've made few from recycled fabrics and some more from old calendars that we found lying useless in the back of our closets. It was great using these materials and bringing them back to life, that's exactly what we like to do.

different kind of passport covers    passport covers standing up

A (Creative) Work in Progress

For the last few weeks we've been working on several new ideas and it's been fun! We've also been busy updating and upgrading our website, which seems to improve everyday. Which reminds me, if you have any suggestons - feel free to share them with us, we'd be happy to take them into consideration. 

Here are some pictures of CinaMon in action, just so you have some proof that we're not just lazying around. Soon we'll post some pics of our brand new passport covers, some of them made of fabric this time. 

 Work in Progress 1    Work in Progress 2


Our warm winter bag is finished

Just in time for the snowy weather outside: we have finished our warm winter bag. We are happy with the result: a sturdy bag for the cold winter season. Strong black corduroy on the outside, nice warm fleece inside. Also handy if you forget your gloves!

The idea behind CinaMon is recycling and upscaling of materials. It's a shame to throw out good fabric, right? For the lining, the application and the shoulder straps, we have used the fabric of cushion covers. The exterior is made ​​from an old pair of pants. Furthermore, the bag has a button closure, a handy pocket inside and nice drops as decoration. Secretly, we are a kind off proud of the result ... Oh, maybe we should keep this warm bag ourselves as well?!

Until next time!

Warme wintertas Fotocollage

A fun distraction: smart phone & passport covers

This is what happens when we talk too much about DYI projects: we get distracted and end up making something completely different! Last week no bags got made: but we made some great smart phone covers and passport covers. The smart phone cover is made to fit an Iphone 5, but the Samsung Galaxy SII also fits perfectly. The phone cover is made out of cheerful flowery cotton and the outside is made out of yellow felt: a good protection for you phone. And guess what: fun to make and definitely fun to have or to give to someone else. We have plenty new ideas for our next projects!


Smart phone cover 1     Smart phone cover 2

Paspoort cover 2     Paspoort cover 4

Bags, our own website and a logo!

Much has happened since our last blog post! Here's a summary of our activities: we are now the proud owners of our own website:, we have created a CinaMon Facebook page and we have designed our logo. We are ready to go!

CinaMon logo

We've also made some more bags, all try-out models. And Cindy is now busy with the first bag we want to sell: a snugly warm winter bag! Here you can some of our try-out models, we'll keep our warm winter bag a secret for now:

Proefmodellen tassen

And we have made some labels for in the bags, so everyone can see they are CinaMon creations. These are fun things to research and to try. For now, we are very happy with the results.


Till next time!