CinaMon in English

Hey guys,

After some discussion, we decided to permentantly change our website to English. Till now we had a Dutch and English version of all our content, but since our readers seem te have no problem reading in English, this will make things a whole lot easier..

We'll work on adding a translate button on our posts just in case you'd like to read something in Dutch, but for now it will be English only, so if you have any problems or need a specific translation, please send us an email (it is no problem to send us an email in Dutch of course) and we'll help you out as soon as we can. 

See you soon!



A Creative start of 2014

Hi all! We've got lots to update you guys on, and we've been bad bloggers lately! Let's try to make up for it now...

The start of 2014 was filled with several creative projects for CinaMon. We already created five Custom Made CinaMon requests! We made three different covers for pet passports made from old calenders that were donated to us. These are the results:

View the embedded image gallery online at:

We also got our very first international Custom Made CinaMon request: a handmade upcycled shouldbag, made from jeans fabric, a ripped piece of bedding and a piece of blanket (also donated) as lining.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Another project was a Custom Made CinaMon request for a (human) passport cover with the theme of her adorable cat, Balou. We got some beautiful pictures of Balou, alongside the request to incorporate candy, pink and flowers into the cover. What do you guys think, did it work out?

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Our latest finished order is a drawstring bag. It's going to be used to store parts of a board game. Requested by a man there was no need for candy and pink in this pouch!

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Right now we're working on another special Custom Made CinaMon request for a great friend of ours: a holiday-laundry-bag. We never heard of it, but it's a great idea! One bag for clean underwear, and one part for the ones that need to be washed. She found a picture of it on Pinterest. Curious about the result? Just keep an eye on our blog! 

Voorbeeld waszak

Napkin Art

The sewing machine wasn't needed for the creative CinaMon project of this week. These boring napkins could definitely use some brightening up. So out came the bleach, cotton swabs and toothpicks. A piece of cake to make and you have really unique napkins for dinner party! Also nice as a special gift, of course. Do you have some boring napkins or a tablecloth lying around, but are you not feel so creative? Ask us about the possibilities of a Custom Made CinaMon item!

Napkin-Art-1  Napkin-Art-2 Napkin-Art-3Napkin-Art-4


Happy Hippo Gift

CinaMon hopes you've all had wonderful holiday's and we wish everyone an amazing and creative 2014!

Last Christmas I've made my cousin happy with a beautiful, handmade CinaMon present. She loves hippo's and I couldn't resist making her a passport cover out of this cute fabric. She liked it a lot. Unfortunately, the German passport has different dimensions than the Dutch one, and I'll be crawling behind the sewing machine shortly to produce another gift. 

But that does mean that from now on we have a new addition to our Shop: the Happy Hippo Passport Cover! We also have some more of this fabric: nice for matching luggage tags, or other Custom Made CinaMon products. 

Happy-Hippo-1    Happy-Hippo-6

A unique wedding present

Two weeks ago another Custom Made CinaMon request arrived: a special gift for a wedding. Family and friends created a recipe book with their special recipes for the bride and groom. And to cover this cookbook they wanted a special cover made of jute. For the decorations the client relied on our creativity, and this is the result!

So, the cover for the book is made of jute, the favorite material of the bride. The cover is decorated with the initials of the bride and groom made of felt, hearts made of felt and some satin ribbons to complete it. We hope our client, and the happy couple, are glad with this unique, handmade present!

Hoes-kookboek-bruiloft-1  Hoes-kookboek-bruiloft-2  Hoes-kookboek-bruiloft-3